Friday, 3 June 2011

Website and t shirts

So with time running out and a lot still to be done for the website, the group has come to the conclusion we will not be able to get the site fully finished, up and running before the deadline. We have decided it is a product for the future, which we first need to raise funds for. I personally think this is a wise choice. So after a few group meetings and a lot of back and forth on our facebook group, we have concluded the best way to raise money is through selling t-shirts. We have got some designs in progress, now its just a case of meeting with Jill Hogan and getting her approval.

*Update* Jill has said that the t-shirt needs a few tweaks in term of design, as we altered the Ravensbourne brand too much.

*Update Two* Second meeting with Jill who has now given the greenlight. We are going to start selling straight away. The plan is to get 20shirts for £5 each and sell them on for a profit.

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