Friday, 27 May 2011

E & E Begins

When the brief was first introduced to us, I did not have a clear idea of what to do. I was thinking of grouping up with a couple of friends and perhaps sell some cakes/cupcakes but I quickly realised this would involve a lot of time and being in our final year, working on short films, this was not an option.

Talking with classmates the other day we all started speaking about how there is no specialised portfolio/network for the final year students. We then all decided we should group together and create a site which is exclusively for final year Ravensbourne students, which would allow individuals to sign up and display their work. It would be a good platform for students to showcase their work to the rest of the uni as well as those outside, i.e potential employers.

In order for us to make a profit we would need to charge for this service, we decided there would be a joining fee, which once paid grants the user their own personal page on which they could display their work and have a brief summary about them. I mentioned that one of the biggest CG portfolio sites ( has two models, a free version which lets everyone and anyone make a portfolio on the site, and then theres a premium version which you need to pay for but it does give access to customising the page and allows the user to host up more work. Our site would work similarly, except there would be no free version as we would not be able to make a profit, or keep the site maintained.